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Absolute Beginner Introduction To Code eBook

This is an optional ebook for absolute to beginner. In it, you will earn the basic structure and elements of code in a 20-page ebook as well as do some exercises to get you going. Register your interest before the 5th of April to get it for FREE

eBook 1 - Setup your computer like a developer

Before you start programming your app, you need to set up your development environment on your computer. If you do this right from the start, it will make your software development much less painful and allow you to focus on building the app.

eBook 2 - Build your first basic app

This ebook will help you create your first basic app. This course is for complete beginners, but I'm still working on it and would love your input, so please register your interest and tell me what kind of app you'd like to build to make sure I get it right.

eBook 3 - Load data into your app

Some apps are great at just sitting on your phone and do some calculations, but usually, you want to pull some data into it from somewhere. This could be items from your online shop, news items from an RSS feed or any other kind of data.

eBook 4 - Upload your app to the app stores

Launching your app is more than just uploading it to the app store. This ebook will help you upload your app, help you with your store listing and give you some advice on how you can start getting people using your app.

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To code, is probably one of the most powerful skills you can have in the modern world. Code is running all around us, in our TVs, in our cars, our phones and even our washing machines. The goal of the ebooks on this website is to make it possible for you build something using code and learn by example. We use a framework called Cordova, which allows us to build an app once and upload it to both the Apple app store and the Google play store (and many others). Some of the reasons we are using this platform are:
  1. It uses web technologies like HTML and javascript. Which means you can use the skills you learn here to build both apps and websites.
  2. Using this kind of framework means you can build the app once and deploy it to different app stores
  3. Html and Javascript is a fairly easy introduction to coding.
Let's get started, the 3 courses below should ideally be done in sequence as they will build on each other. If you start before the beginning, you may find it more difficult to follow along as the first sets the foundation to program inside which will be referenced heavily in the second course