The build your own app and learn to code eBook series

Part 1 - Setup your computer

Before you start programming your app, you need to set up your development environment on your computer. If you do this right from the start, it will make your software development much less painful and allow you to focus on building the app. Find out more

Part 2 - Build your first basic app

Now that you have everything on your computer to start building your app, this ebook will help you with some initial coding to make changes and create a basic app. This course is for complete beginners and the app we are going to build will simply be a static listing of products and a contact us page but will show you some of the tools and concepts you will be able to leverage to start building much more complicated apps and even games. Find out more

Page 3 - Load data into your app

Some apps are great at just sitting on your phone and do some calculations, but usually, you want to pull some data into it from somewhere. This could be items from your online shop, news items from an RSS feed or any other kind of data. Find out more

Part 4 - Upload your app to the app stores

Launching your app is more than just uploading it to the app store. This ebook will help you upload your app, help you with your store listing and give you some advice on how you can start getting people using your app. Find out more